Hardware news


Integration propels machine vision: Research reviews in-sensor visual perception and inference

A joint research team in China wrote a review on in-sensor visual computing, a three-in-one hardware solution that is more efficient, economical and secure than conventional machine vision systems, which collect, store, and ...

Consumer & Gadgets

Google extends lifespan of Chromebooks—a change that could save school districts millions

Google is finally extending the lifespan of older Chromebooks—the low-cost laptops used by school districts across the country—after years of limited software support sent thousands of those devices to the trash after ...


Exploring the effects of hardware implementation on the exploration space of evolvable robots

Evolutionary robotics is a sub-field of robotics aimed at developing artificial "organisms" that can improve their capabilities and body configuration in response to their surroundings, just as humans and animals evolve, ...


A lightweight wearable device helps users navigate with a tap on the wrist

Scientists at Rice University in Houston, Texas have developed a fabric-based wearable device that "taps" a user's wrist with pressurized air, silently helping them navigate to their destination. The study, published August ...


Advances in AI, chips boost voice recognition

Separate developments in speech recognition technology from IBM and California universities at San Francisco and Berkeley offer promising news for patients suffering from vocal paralysis and speech loss.


Tiny device mimics human vision and memory abilities

Researchers have created a small device that "sees" and creates memories in a similar way to humans, in a promising step towards one day having applications that can make rapid, complex decisions such as in self-driving cars.


Study finds AI can predict cybersickness in VR users

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be used to help combat nausea, headaches and dizziness among virtual reality (VR) users and make the technology more accessible, according to a new study with Charles Darwin University (CDU).