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Amazon infiltrated eBay's email system to poach top sellers in 'global conspiracy': Lawsuit

For three years Amazon has been illegally infiltrating an internal email system at e-commerce rival eBay, seeking to hide its tracks as it tried to poach top sellers, a new lawsuit claims.


Qualcomm unwraps chipsets, talks up 60GHz WiFi solutions

Qualcomm is talking up their new chipsets; the company has announced its 60GHz Wi-Fi chipsets.


Intel launch event ushers in 9th generation processors

Intel has announced its 9th generation of Core processors, namely the "9th Generation Core-X family," at its October 8 launch event.


Google looking to future after 20 years of search

Google celebrated its 20th birthday Monday, marking two decades in which it has grown from simply a better way to explore the internet to a search engine so woven into daily life its name has become a verb.


Hyperloop project goes to China

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies said Thursday it will team up with a southwestern Chinese city to build a new 10-kilometre (six-mile) test track for its high speed hyperloop transportation system.


Amazon says it has more than 100 million Prime members

Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said the company has more than 100 million paid subscribers worldwide to its Prime Membership service, disclosing for the first time a figure that the company long held as a trade secret.