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Tracking software for pallets, containers and much more

Load carriers such as pallets, crates or tanks are indispensable for transporting all kinds of products, but hardly ever get any of the limelight themselves. Fraunhofer researchers have devoted themselves to this topic and ...


Air traffic control funding model ravaged by pandemic as industry struggles to recover

Commercial aviation is critical to the global economy. In 2019, it supported more than 65 million jobs and had a global economic impact of US$2.7 trillion. The COVID-19 pandemic has been unlike any crisis, both in terms of ...


Crypto lending world sways under risk and turmoil

Starting with the lofty goal of competing with traditional banks, cryptocurrency lending giants and their clients now face financial ruin due to their appetite for risk and a paucity of regulatory guardrails.


European Union inks deal on crypto transfer tracing rules

The European Union has agreed on new rules subjecting cryptocurrency transfers to the same money-laundering rules as traditional banking transfers.


Bridging the gap between scientific discovery and societal benefit

There comes a time in many a university scientist's life when discoveries confined to the lab are ready to reach a wider audience—when a new product or technology has shown in tests that it would provide a meaningful benefit ...


Uber inks deal for Australian gig worker rights

Uber has reached a deal with a powerful Australian union after years of legal battles, campaigns and negotiations that will offer 100,000 drivers and food delivery workers more protections.