Engineering news


StarNEig: Solving dense nonsymmetric standard and generalized eigenvalue problems

What does the design of a building or bridge have in common with an electric circuit or a loudspeaker? Well, if you want it done properly, then you the need ability to solve eigenvalue problems.


Thermostatic movement: What a rhododendron can teach us about robotics

On a chilly winter day, Moneesh Upmanyu took a walk with his son near their home outside of Boston. They passed a rhododendron bush, its thick green leaves curled up into thin tubes dangling limply from their stems. It looked ...


Hypothetical spring-loaded human exoskeleton could double running speed

A pair of researchers at Vanderbilt University has proposed a method to create a device that would allow human beings to run nearly twice as fast as is possible naturally. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, ...


New computer program predicts crack initiation in 3-D

Most structures and materials have defects, and if the conditions are right, these defects can lead to the initiation and propagation of cracks. Finding out where and with what orientation a surface crack is most likely to ...


How fire causes office-building floors to collapse

Engineers and technicians at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) spent months meticulously recreating the long concrete floors supported by steel beams commonly found in high-rise office buildings, only ...


Scientists develop prototype for rapidly deployable ventilator

Engineers, anaesthetists and surgeons from King's and the University of Oxford are building and testing prototypes that can be manufactured using techniques and tools available in well-equipped university and small and medium ...