Engineering news


Researchers introduce a speedier manufacturing process for stronger aluminum alloys

When Ford began building the F-150 with mostly aluminum bodies in 2014, the popular truck slimmed down by about 700 pounds. That change was designed to improve gas mileage and save money at the fuel pump. Even more weight ...


Light-fueled torsional soft robot able to rapidly climb stairs

Azobenzene-functionalized liquid crystalline materials can be operated by remote light-stimuli without complicated circuits or parts and thus are attracting great attention in fields such as human interfaces, haptic devices, ...


Scientists use sintered porous media to build compact, efficient heat exchangers

Despite their deceptively simple function of transferring heat from one medium to another, heat exchangers are of utmost importance in machines. Heat exchange between two fluids depends on the material of the heat exchangers, ...


Marangoni surfer robots look and move like water bugs

From birds in the sky to fish in the sea, nature's creatures possess characteristics naturally perfected over millennia. Studying them leads engineers to create new technologies that are essential to our way of life today. ...


Researchers successfully build four-legged swarm robots

As a robotics engineer, Yasemin Ozkan-Aydin, assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, gets her inspiration from biological systems. The collective behaviors of ants, honeybees and birds ...


National shortage of Australian groundwater experts

Australia's future growth is closely aligned to good resources management, and water is top of the list. This is underpinning a growing shortage of groundwater scientists and engineers.


Researchers build $400 self-navigating smart cane

Most know the white cane as a simple-but-crucial tool that assists people with visual impairments in making their way through the world. Researchers at Stanford University have now introduced an affordable robotic cane that ...