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A hybrid unicycle that can move on the ground and fly

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, can help humans to tackle a variety of real-world problems; for instance, assisting them during military operations and search and rescue missions, delivering packages ...

Computer Sciences

Cascading failures in urban traffic systems tied to hidden bottlenecks

Transportation systems in urban settings are vulnerable to a variety of factors including weather, traffic congestion, and special events. Bottlenecks, in particular, can cause major problems and lead to cascading failure ...

Hi Tech & Innovation

Cruise wants to test self-driving cars all over California

General Motors' Cruise autonomous vehicle unit on Monday asked California for permission to test the cars across the entire state.


Tesla turns Twitter into $44 billion communications apparatus

Before Elon Musk was cutting deep at Twitter, inspiring legions of Silicon Valley bosses to take more unsparing approaches to running their companies, the chief executive officer of Tesla swung the ax on the car company's ...


Review: 2023 Toyota Prius vs. 2023 Kia Niro

The Toyota Prius, which has become synonymous with hybrid cars the past 20 years, is fresh off a full redesign for 2023. The prior generation's oddball styling, quirky interior and feeble powertrain are now in the rearview ...