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A peek behind the IT curtain of EU's 'vaccine passport'

From video calls involving 130 people to no-shows at the general rehearsal, Josef Lieven and his team of software engineers faced their share of challenges on the road to Europe's digital COVID certificate.


Amazon aims to cut its workplace injury rate by half

Amazon, which has faced criticism for above-industry-average injury rates at its warehouses, said it is taking steps to halve the rate of workplace injuries in them by 2025.


How technology metals play a pivotal role in allowing remote work during the pandemic

Saleem Ali is the University of Delaware's Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment and the founding director of the Minerals, Materials and Society (MMS) Program. Ali recently produced a short, ...


Sex bots, virtual friends, VR lovers: Tech is changing the way we interact, and not always for the better

Twenty-first century technologies such as robots, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are creeping into every corner of our social and emotional lives—hacking how we form friendships, build intimacy, fall ...


Report: Dubai 'jetman' didn't deploy chute in fatal crash

One of Dubai's famed "jetman" pilots killed in a crash in November failed to deploy the emergency parachute attached to the winged engines strapped to his back, an investigative report released Thursday found.


Tokyo, as you've never seen it before

It's Tokyo, but unlike you've ever seen it before—a miniaturised 1:1,000 scale version of one of the world's biggest capitals, displaying everything from sea levels to population densities.