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Singapore Airlines jet endured huge swings in gravitational force during turbulence, report says

The Singapore Airlines jetliner that hit severe turbulence last week went through huge swings in gravitational force in less than five seconds, likely causing the injuries to people who weren't buckled into their seats, according ...


What's in a room? Research looks at building materials and mood

If one room makes you anxious and the other makes you chill, you could be a data point proving the benefit of natural building materials.


Research team uses CT network to promote public access to open science

Reading about the latest scientific discovery—such as the unearthing of a fossil representing a new species of tiny dinosaur—can be fascinating. But what if it were possible to do more than just read about it? What if ...


Most of passengers from battered Singapore Airlines jetliner arrive in Singapore from Bangkok

Singapore Airlines said a relief plane flew into Singapore early Wednesday morning with most of the passengers who were on a flight that was battered by severe turbulence over the Indian Ocean and had to make an emergency ...