It's not just humans who can wear health and fitness trackers. One company appearing at CES believes your pets should have them, too.

Tech Invoxia introduced the Smart Dog Collar, which uses sensors and other tech to monitor a dog's health, keep track of its whereabouts and warn owners of any potential health issues.

The collar includes miniature radar sensors capable of measuring a dog's respiratory rate and heart rate. It uses Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth to track the physical location of your pet in case it gets lost or escapes. Users can also get alerts if their dog has escaped.

It also measures a dog's , including your time spent walking, resting and eating. The collar is paired with an app owners use to keep track of their pet's health.

"Until now, data has been difficult to collect so there are few studies that provide vital feedback on pet from everyday activity or continuous monitoring," said Invoxia CEO Amélie Caudron in a statement. "With the Smart Collar, the ability to collect at scale a large quantity of data over time, will open up incredible doors for research on correlations between and dog illnesses. This is how we discover new biomarkers, treatments and medicines."

The French-based company will start selling the collars for an estimated cost of $99 starting this summer. It will also require a monthly subscription costing $12.99 per month. Invoxia said the collar will initially be available for medium to large .