Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Snapchat will launch a new feature that prompts users to review their friends lists and ask if they still want to be connected to them.

Users of the messaging app will receive an initial Friend Check Up prompt, and then receive a notification a number of times until they take the action.

The update will start rolling out for Android devices in the coming weeks, and for iOS devices in the coming months.

"Friend Check Up will serve to remind Snapchatters that over time they may have added someone to their friends list who they may no longer want to be in touch with on our app," reads a statement by Snapchat.

On January, Snapchat launched the safety-focused "Safety Snapshot" channel on their Discover platform. Snapchat, which lets send pictures and videos that later disappear, is releasing episodes focused on the app's privacy settings, two-factor authentication and how to protect against phishing.

On January, short-form video app TikTok introduced a privacy setting that will make all accounts belonging to users ages 13-15 private.