Energy & Green Tech

Jumbo electric vehicle has energy bragging rights at no charge

Enticed car watchers see e-car designs that look like James Bond-like sleekmobiles ready for valet parking near some island casino. Meanwhile, what about the other world of heavy-duty trucks for mining and construction?


Study: Older drivers need more time to react to road hazards

Imagine you're sitting in the driver's seat of an autonomous car, cruising along a highway and staring down at your smartphone. Suddenly, the car detects a moose charging out of the woods and alerts you to take the wheel. ...

Hi Tech & Innovation

Motor, other components, in wheels may shape future of car industry

A Tel Aviv-based startup has emerged from stealth and they are spelling out their concept for motors in wheels for engines in electric cars. Tech-watching headlines are calling it a reinvention of wheels but it is essentially ...

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