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Energy & Green Tech

New electrolysis cells pave the way for cheaper hydrogen

Ceramic electrolysis cells with new electrodes show good results and no signs of electrode deterioration after 1,000 hours of testing at DTU. Electrolysis cells play a key role in converting green electricity from wind turbines ...


OpenAI says state-backed actors used its AI for disinfo

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, said Thursday it has disrupted five covert influence operations over the past three months that sought to use its artificial intelligence models for deceptive activities.

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Energy & Green Tech

Microgrids could help solve challenges of renewable energy

Renewable energy is the way of the future, but issues such as variability and surplus generation have so far created headaches in the move to fully utilizing these energy solutions. New research led by Murdoch University, ...

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Machine learning & AI

Humanity in 'race against time' on AI: UN

Humanity is in a race against time to harness the colossal emerging power of artificial intelligence for the good of all, while averting dire risks, a top UN official said Thursday.

Consumer & Gadgets

Q&A: How AI affects kids' creativity

Shortly after artificial intelligence models, including Midjourney and OpenAI's Dall-E went public, AI-generated art started winning competitions: one in digital art, another in photography. Concern rumbled that AI could ...


New method makes hydrogen from solar power and agricultural waste

University of Illinois Chicago engineers have helped design a new method to make hydrogen gas from water using only solar power and agricultural waste, such as manure or husks. The method reduces the energy needed to extract ...

6 hours ago


Four arrested in international anti-malware sweep

Authorities arrested four people and took down or disrupted more than 100 servers in the "largest ever" operation against botnets that deploy ransomware, Europol said Thursday.

9 hours ago


Using contact microphones as tactile sensors for robot manipulation

To complete real-world tasks in home environments, offices and public spaces, robots should be able to effectively grasp and manipulate a wide range of objects. In recent years, developers have created various machine learning–based ...


Meta removes AI-generated influence campaigns in China, Israel

Meta Platforms Inc. removed hundreds of Facebook accounts associated with covert influence campaigns from China, Israel, Iran, Russia and other countries, some of which used artificial intelligence tools to generate disinformation, ...

Consumer & Gadgets

'Ring' has a new mission: 'Hey, there's raccoons in my backyard'

For years, "Ring" touted its crime-fighting bona fides, selling smart doorbells that let homeowners remotely monitor their residences—and sometimes share what they recorded with local police. Now the Amazon.com Inc. unit ...

12 hours ago


Australia engaging with Ticketmaster over hacking 'incident'

The Australian government was on Thursday investigating claims by a hacking group to have stolen the details of 560 million customers from global events giant Ticketmaster, with the FBI offering its assistance.


Google to invest $2 bn in Malaysia: government

Google will invest $2 billion in Malaysia to house the firm's first data center in the country, the government said Thursday, making it the latest tech titan to pump cash into the region in search of growth opportunities.