Monday, May 29

Tuesday, May 30


Self-driving cars shown to lack social intelligence in traffic

Should I go or give way? It is one of the most basic questions in traffic, whether merging in on a motorway or at the door of the metro. The decision is one that humans typically make quickly and intuitively, because doing ...

Computer Sciences

A simple test reveals: Bot or human?

Although ChatGPT is still in its infancy, its appearance has impacted virtually all fields relying on technology. Which is to say, pretty much everything is or will soon be touched by it.

Wednesday, May 31


A cleaner approach to refrigeration using a squeezable metal

A team of material scientists at the University of Maryland, working with one colleague from Jiaotong University and another from Beihang University, both in China, has developed a cleaner approach to building cooling systems ...


'Hot pixels' attack steals data through CPU readings

A team of security researchers at Georgia Tech, the University of Michigan and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany has reported a new form of side-channel attack that capitalizes on power and speed management methods used by ...