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'Better than a real man': young Chinese women turn to AI boyfriends

Twenty-five-year-old Chinese office worker Tufei says her boyfriend has everything she could ask for in a romantic partner: he's kind, empathetic, and sometimes they talk for hours.


Hazard training for mobility scooter users virtually non-existent despite facing regular risks

Despite being vulnerable road users, motorized mobility scooter users receive virtually no training about the types of hazards they face that might put them at risk—from designs of road crossings they find difficult to ...


US bans pharmacy Rite Aid from facial recognition use

Pharmacy group Rite Aid was ordered Tuesday to stop using facial recognition for the next five years by a US regulator, which said the company falsely identified consumers as shoplifters using the technology.


Best of Last Year: The top Tech Xplore articles of 2023

It was a good year for technology research and development, and nothing made the news more often than energy research efforts. Leading the way were efforts surrounding the use and development of solar energy.


In Mexico, building a rail rival to the Panama Canal

At Mexico's narrowest point, linking the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the government is building a railway rival to the Panama Canal with promises of economic bounty but amid fears of environmental and social harm.


IOC to explore Olympic eSports Games

The International Olympic Committee is looking at creating an Olympic eSports Games, IOC president Thomas Bach announced on Saturday.


Titanic submersible debris, human remains recovered

More debris and suspected human remains have been recovered from a privately owned submersible which failed catastrophically in June while on a mission to the Titanic, the US Coast Guard said.


Bluetooth inventors get OK to use Viking king's name

To the backdrop of the vast Jelling stones, Denmark on Tuesday granted the inventors of Bluetooth technology permission to use the name and symbol of Harald the Bluetooth for the next 1,000 years .

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This Ohio museum shows that TV is older than you might think

The history of television began long before millions of people gathered in front of their black-and-white sets and fiddled with the antenna and horizontal hold to watch Lucy, Uncle Miltie and Howdy Doodie.


Online police patrol the internet in Denmark

At Denmark's police headquarters, officers have been glued to their computers playing the popular video game Counter-Strike. But they weren't kicking back on a break—they were tracking crimes on the internet.


Titanic sub debris hauled ashore in Canada

Mangled debris recovered from the small submersible that was destroyed when it imploded during a recent dive to the Titanic wreck was offloaded Wednesday in eastern Canada, bringing to an end a difficult search-and-recovery ...


Will AI really destroy humanity?

The warnings are coming from all angles: artificial intelligence poses an existential risk to humanity and must be shackled before it is too late.


Q&A: What is the state of underwater geolocation technology?

The loss of OceanGate's Titan submersible has triggered questions about how underwater craft navigate and how these vehicles can improve their geolocation abilities. Electrical and computer engineering professor Viktor Gruev ...