FTC fines GoodRx for unauthorized sharing of health data

In a first-of-its-kind enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission has imposed a $1.5 million penalty on telehealth and prescription drug discount provider GoodRx Holdings Inc. for sharing users' personal health data with Facebook, ...


ChatGPT: the promises, pitfalls and panic

Excitement around ChatGPT—an easy to use AI chatbot that can deliver an essay or computer code upon request and within seconds—has sent schools into panic and turned Big Tech green with envy.

Machine learning & AI

Video: A new generation of AI assistants

In this video, DARPA program manager Dr. Bruce Draper describes the technology he thinks could usher in the next "do-it-yourself" revolution.


Your next house could be built by a giant robot

Hugo and Erica Briones, like thousands of other homebuyers in North Texas, are waiting patiently for their new home to be built—but their home is different.

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