Deciphering behavior algorithms used by ants and the internet

Engineers sometimes turn to nature for inspiration. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Associate Professor Saket Navlakha and research scientist Jonathan Suen have found that adjustment algorithms—the same feedback control process ...


Could Russia get round sanctions with cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency purchases in rubles are at a record high following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, raising questions about whether piling into the likes of bitcoin can help Moscow get around sanctions.


Chip firms play down Ukraine war supply fears

The tech industry is playing down fears of widespread raw materials shortages as a result of the war in Ukraine, after reports that chipmakers would face a severe crunch.

Energy & Green Tech

As petrol prices rise, will carbon emissions come down?

No one likes paying A$1.80 per liter for petrol. But amid forecasts of prices climbing to $2.10 as Russian's invasion of Ukraine drags on, it's possible some good could come of that pain—including greater energy independence ...

Energy & Green Tech

A 'rock star' system for geothermal energy

A team of scientists has assembled a first-of-its-kind system to help them understand how to harness energy from deep below ground.

Computer Sciences

Injecting fairness into machine-learning models

If a machine-learning model is trained using an unbalanced dataset, such as one that contains far more images of people with lighter skin than people with darker skin, there is serious risk the model's predictions will be ...

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