Universal-TikTok feud ramps up as more songs come down

Universal Music Group has lambasted TikTok's approach to AI as the feud between the two companies over song royalties escalates and popular music is expunged from the social media platform.


Musk sues OpenAI over 'betrayal' of mission

Elon Musk has launched a legal case against OpenAI, the AI firm he helped to set up in 2015, accusing its leaders of a "betrayal" of its founding mission.


A digital twin for flexible parcel postage

Non-rigid postal items with flexible packagings—such as poly bags—pose problems for logistics companies during automatic sorting. Thanks to modern simulation methods, there is now a widely applicable solution.

Consumer & Gadgets

An AI system that offers emotional support via chat

The rapid advancement of natural language processing (NLP) models and large language models (LLMs) has enabled the development of new use-specific conversational agents designed to answer specific types of queries. These ...

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