Hi Tech & Innovation

Small but mighty: Insect-inspired microphones

What can an insect hear? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Though small and simple, their hearing systems are highly efficient. For example, with a membrane only 2 millimeters across, the desert locust can decompose frequencies ...

Consumer & Gadgets

Wendy's turns to AI-powered chatbots for drive-thru orders

Wendy's Co. will begin testing an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot next month that will talk to customers and take drive-thru orders, becoming the latest fast-food chain to employ the technology.

Computer Sciences

Computer vision technique leverages reflections to image the world

As a car travels along a narrow city street, reflections off the glossy paint or side mirrors of parked vehicles can help the driver glimpse things that would otherwise be hidden from view, like a child playing on the sidewalk ...

Energy & Green Tech

Unlocking the power of photosynthesis for clean energy production

As the world faces an increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy sources, scientists are turning to the power of photosynthesis for inspiration. With the goal of developing new, environmentally friendly techniques ...

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