US sues Uber over 'wait fee' for disabled passengers

US authorities argued in a lawsuit Wednesday that ride-share firm Uber violated civil rights protections by imposing "wait" fees on disabled passengers who needed extra time to board a vehicle.


Tesla driver killed in fiery crash hit 90 mph, report says

The Tesla driver who died with a passenger in a fiery September crash near Miami accelerated to 90 mph (145 kph) in the seconds before he lost control and smashed into trees, federal investigators said Wednesday—a conclusion ...


A personalized exosuit for real-world walking

People rarely walk at a constant speed and a single incline. We change speed when rushing to the next appointment, catching a crosswalk signal, or going for a casual stroll in the park. Slopes change all the time too, whether ...


Volkswagen CEO seeks to cool dispute over plant jobs

Volkswagen's CEO has firmly rejected claims of planned job cuts at its flagship plant, with the auto giant instead unveiling plans for a new electric car factory to rival Tesla.

Energy & Green Tech

Ford, Purdue partner on technology to speed up EV charging

Ford and Purdue University are partnering to develop a new charging station cable compatible with vehicle charging technology still being developed with hopes of making a broader transition to electric vehicles possible.

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