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Elon Musk threatens to sue Twitter leakers, reporter says

Elon Musk took aim at Twitter staffers leaking internal information to the media, vowing that those who continue to do so will face legal action moving forward, a journalist reported Saturday.

Energy & Green Tech

Exploring the future of aqueous batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, which today power everything from the smartphones we carry in our pockets to the electric vehicles we drive, are projected to capture 80% of the rechargeable battery market in the coming years.


Microsoft taking 4% stake in London Stock Exchange

Microsoft is taking a roughly 4% stake in the operator of the London Stock Exchange, which has agreed to spend at least $2.8 billion in cloud-computing services from the technology giant.


Automated detection of doxing on Twitter with over 96% accuracy

A new automated approach to detect doxing—a form of cyberbullying in which certain private or personally identifiable information is publicly shared without an individual's consent or knowledge—may help social media platforms ...

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