Energy & Green Tech

Developing high-efficiency colored solar panels for buildings

The energy transition in Germany, Europe, and across the world is driving robust demand for solar panels. Alongside high energy yields, aesthetics and acceptance are also increasingly important factors. To accommodate these ...


New fabric makes urban heat islands more bearable

This year has already seen massive heat waves around the globe, with cities in Mexico, India, Pakistan and Oman hitting temperatures near or past 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit).


Extending smartphone lifetimes: How we can cut emissions in half

Around 20 million smartphones are sold in Germany every year, as Bitkom recently reported—a heavy burden on the environment and climate: Information and communication technologies are responsible for around 8% of Germany's ...

Energy & Green Tech

Cooking with solar ovens in sub-Saharan Africa

Although sub-Saharan areas may seem perfect for solar ovens, many people use wood or coal as the main source of energy for cooking, especially in areas that are not connected to the power grid.


Boeing to check undelivered 787s due to fastener issue

Boeing said Thursday it is examining fasteners on some undelivered 787 jets after discovering problems with their installation in the latest manufacturing shortcoming to face the company.

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