Engineering safer machine learning

Children first learning to walk may go a bit too fast and fall down, or run into a piece of furniture. However, that cause-and-effect element teaches them invaluable information about how their bodies move through space so ...

Energy & Green Tech

Scientists create long-lasting, cobalt-free, lithium-ion batteries

In a discovery that could reduce or even eliminate the use of cobalt—which is often mined using child labor—in the batteries that power electric cars and other products, scientists at the University of California, Irvine ...

Computer Sciences

Hybrid AI-powered computer vision combines physics and big data

Researchers from UCLA and the United States Army Research Laboratory have laid out a new approach to enhance artificial intelligence-powered computer vision technologies by adding physics-based awareness to data-driven techniques.


Macron demands French AI 'champions'

President Emmanuel Macron made a pitch on Wednesday for France to become a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) as he spoke at VivaTech in Paris, one of Europe's biggest technology trade shows.

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