Wikipedia creator's computer and NFT auctioned for almost $1 mn

An NFT memorializing Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales's first edit on the online reference resource 20 years ago and the computer he used when programming the platform sold for a total of almost $1 million at auction Wednesday.


Engineers develop a robotic hand with a gecko-inspired grip

Across a vast array of robotic hands and clamps, there is a common foe: The heirloom tomato. You may have seen a robotic gripper deftly pluck an egg or smoothly palm a basketball—but, unlike human hands, one gripper is ...

Computer Sciences

Data-frugal deep learning optimizes microstructure imaging

Most often, we recognize deep learning as the magic behind self-driving cars and facial recognition, but what about its ability to safeguard the quality of the materials that make up these advanced devices? Professor of Materials ...


EU lawmakers back rules to curb Big Tech

The European Parliament on Wednesday approved its proposal for major EU legislation to impose unprecedented restrictions on how tech giants do business.


Sources: Rivian to build $5B electric truck plant in Georgia

Electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive will announce Thursday that it's building a $5 billion battery and assembly plant east of Atlanta that's projected to employ 7,500 workers, sources briefed on the decision told The ...

Computer Sciences

Researchers teach computer to be fluent in Finnish dialects

Computers usually understand Finnish only as the normative standard known as kirjakieli. Finnish dialects, however, create a lot of trouble when interacting with computers, since it is impossible to speak a language without ...

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