Energy & Green Tech

Leveraging machine learning to optimize CO2 adsorption

If we are to mitigate climate change, we must find cost-effective and sustainable ways to reduce industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Unfortunately, most well-established methods for carbon capture and storage (CCS) ...

Energy & Green Tech

Busting the problem of cloud cover

The downside to solar power is that it's not always sunny and so grid operators have to compensate for energy drops by bringing alternative generation sources online. New research in the International Journal of Powertrains, ...


Regulators frown as crypto players move into banking

With offers of loans and interest-earning accounts, more new cryptocurrency firms are straying into the world of traditional banks, to the consternation of US financial regulators.


Four former VW managers go on trial over 'dieselgate' scandal

The trial of four former Volkswagen managers accused of fraud in the "dieselgate" emissions-cheating scandal began on Thursday in the absence of the group's ex-boss, whose day in court was delayed for health reasons.

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