China auto sector steps up Europe push with Spain plant

Chinese carmaker Chery signed a deal Friday to produce mainly electric vehicles in Spain, as Beijing's auto sector pushes ahead with plans to expand into Europe despite growing competition concerns.


Tesla to recall Cybertruck over acceleration defect

Tesla is recalling 3,878 Cybertruck vehicles because of a defect that can cause unintentional vehicle acceleration, increasing crash risk, according to a US notice posted this week.


Greater access to clean water, thanks to a better membrane

Water scarcity around the world is a bigger problem than ever, and desalination is critical to solving it. The best available technologies for separating salt from seawater, though, are costly and require a great deal of ...


Houses made of waste changing lives in South America

Homes made of discarded plastic bottles, construction waste and old tires are being built across Latin America as new technologies help turn municipal waste into sustainable bricks and tiles.

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