Hackers release Israeli LGBTQ dating site details

Israel's justice ministry said Tuesday Google had blocked sites of a hacking group that leaked user details of an Israeli LGBTQ dating site, an attack some security experts blamed on Iran.


Facebook on defensive over work in 'fragile' countries

Facebook's vice president Nick Clegg hit back Monday at criticism that the tech giant's efforts to combat misinformation are woefully inadequate outside the West, though he acknowledged: "We need to do more."


How to trust your instincts to foil phishing attacks

An employee at MacEwan University got an email in 2017 from someone claiming to be a construction contractor asking to change the account number where almost $12 million in payments were sent. A week later the actual contractor ...


A new algorithm to help robots escape dead ends.

Researchers from the Institute of Engineering and Technology at the Nicolaus Copernicus University have developed an algorithm that will allow mobile robots to escape blind alleys and avoid obstacles.

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