'Halving' arrives for bitcoin miners

The bitcoin market on Friday engineered the "halving" of the reward for operating the cryptocurrency, a much-anticipated step designed to limit production and boost the digital money.


X owner Musk says opposed to US ban of competitor TikTok

Elon Musk on Friday came out against banning TikTok in the United States, even if it would mean less competition for his social media platform X, formerly Twitter, as the initiative sees fresh bipartisan momentum in Congress.


AI's relentless rise gives journalists tough choices

The rise of artificial intelligence has forced an increasing number of journalists to grapple with the ethical and editorial challenges posed by the rapidly expanding technology.

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Microsoft teases lifelike avatar AI tech but gives no release date

Researchers at Microsoft have revealed a new artificial tool that can create deeply realistic human avatars—but offered no timetable to make it available to the public, citing concerns about facilitating deep fake content.