Computer Sciences

New logarithmic step size for stochastic gradient descent

The step size, often referred to as the learning rate, plays a pivotal role in optimizing the efficiency of the stochastic gradient descent (SGD) algorithm. In recent times, multiple step size strategies have emerged for ...

Energy & Green Tech

Ion thermoelectric conversion devices for near room temperature

The electrode sheet of a thermoelectric device consists of ionic hydrogel, which is sandwiched between the electrodes to form, and the Prussian blue on the electrode undergoes a redox reaction to improve the energy density ...


Most executives already using generative AI tools, survey shows

Despite popular concern about generative AI making jobs redundant, a new survey by INSEAD shows employees and business leaders alike are enthusiastic about the transformative technology. In fact, two out of three respondents ...


DeFake tool protects voice recordings from cybercriminals

In what has become a familiar refrain when discussing artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies, voice cloning makes possible beneficial advances in accessibility and creativity while also enabling increasingly sophisticated ...

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