Popping a champagne cork reveals propulsive dynamics

Researchers have resolved the complex gas dynamics that occur upon opening a champagne bottle (or, more generally, a bottle containing a pressurized liquid and gas) and these dynamics' interaction with the bottle's cork stopper. ...


LA Times slashes a fifth of its newsroom jobs

The Los Angeles Times said Tuesday it laying off more than a fifth of its journalists, in another example of how news media in the United States and around the world are struggling to cope with the disruptions of the internet ...


Developing algorithms for self-healing microgrids of the future

Self-healing electrical grids: It may sound like a concept from science fiction, with tiny robots or some sentient tech crawling around fixing power lines, but in a reality not far from fiction a team of researchers is bringing ...

Energy & Green Tech

X-rays light the way to more stable solar cell materials

Using the bright X-rays of the Advanced Photon Source and a custom-built characterization platform, scientists have traced the ion movements inside perovskites, a potential material for new solar energy harvesting devices.

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