Energy & Green Tech

Novel wind turbine flaps like a hummingbird

(Tech Xplore)—A Tunisian company called Tyer Wind has released details of a new type of wind turbine they have developed that is based on what the company describes as 3-D Aouinian kinematics—a wind turbine designed to ...


Crash-test dummies move beyond young, thin and male

With input from U-M trauma experts, elderly and obese dummies are being used to help car manufacturers create safer vehicles for today's drivers. As the American population gets older and fatter, the crash-test dummies used ...

Hi Tech & Innovation

Korea has designs on ultra-fast transport speeding past maglev

(Tech Xplore)—Korea has its eye on advanced transport and taking a place in the frontlines of research and development. Case in point: Its research interest in coming up with an ultra-fast train. Call it ultra-fast, call ...