Critics raise privacy fears over EU message app rule

The EU will require tech giants to drop barriers between their hugely popular messaging services to boost competition, but critics warned Friday that could come at the cost of millions of users' privacy.


New EU law leaves Big Tech facing major rethink

From Amazon shoppers to iPhone owners, the world faces a rethink in the way it interacts with Big Tech, thanks to a new law agreed by the European Union on Thursday.


New approach to scanning objects of illumination

Scientists from Nara Institute of Science and Technology created a new approach to compensate for variations in illumination while scanning cathedral stained-glass windows. This work may be applied to other objects of cultural ...


US, EU sign data transfer deal to ease privacy concerns

The European Union and United States made a breakthrough in their yearslong battle over the privacy of data that flows across the Atlantic with a preliminary agreement Friday that paves the way for Europeans' personal information ...

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