YouTube tool allows creators to blur moving objects

There are instances where you might look at a picture and say "Yuck it came out blurry." In this day of moving images and privacy battles, however, people caught in documentary or man in the street stints are not pleased; ...

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K-Glass 3 offers users a keyboard to type text

K-Glass, smart glasses reinforced with augmented reality (AR) that were first developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2014, with the second version released in 2015, is back with an ...


Judge's ruling confirms CMU engineers hacked TOR network

A recent ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Jones reveals what many in the Internet business have known for some time—namely that the U.S. Department of Defense paid researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's ...


Refuse-collecting robot successfully tested

Students from three universities have collaborated with the Volvo Group and the waste recycling company, Renova. The result is a robot that automatically collects and empties refuse bins. A drone on the roof of the refuse ...


Next-gen Atlas moves out the door and into the woods

Welcome to the new-generation Atlas, which is shaking up a lot of people's perceptions of robots. In the past, we have had no problem recognizing robots as cleverly engineered machines, never to be confused with humans.