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Facebook unveils Quest, its new virtual-reality headset

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is off to a slow start in his mission to bring virtual reality to the masses, so perhaps it's appropriate his company's next VR headset will be called Quest.


Engineers study hovering bats and hummingbirds in Costa Rica

Each sunrise in Las Cruces, Costa Rica, River Ingersoll's field team trekked into the jungle to put the finishing touches on nearly invisible nets. A graduate student in the lab of David Lentink, assistant professor of mechanical ...


Shove it, poke it, ANYmal will pick up your trash no matter what

Robotic animal-like machines have a rough deal in image making. They are either too puppy-like cute for words that want to make you cry or too scary that want to make you scream. So what does one say about ETH Zurich's Articulated ...