GM suspends dividend to save cash

General Motors announced Monday that it will suspend its dividend and halt share repurchases as it conserves cash amid a broad economic slowdown expected to weigh on auto purchases.


Airbus warns of new production cuts as finances diminish

Airbus chief executive Guillaume Faury has warned employees of new production cuts at the European aircraft maker due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, saying that its finances were diminishing at an unprecedented ...


Boeing directors elected despite concerns by advisory firms

Boeing shareholders approved a slate of 12 company-backed nominees for the board on Monday despite recommendations from two proxy advisers against five directors, including the chairman, for what the advisers called poor ...

Consumer & Gadgets

Virtual and augmented reality: Warnings about the ethical dangers

Research on virtual reality started in the eighties, but only now is the technology advanced to the point where it is becoming available to the public, and it can become a mass consumer product soon. However, there is almost ...

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