Helping blockchain communities fix bugs

If the crypto enthusiasts are right, the next decade will see billions of people begin using applications built off distributed, user-owned blockchains. The new paradigm has been dubbed Web 3. But Web 3 still has some significant ...


3D scanning vibrometer is a master of measurements

In a storage area on the west end of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory campus is a machine that can measure anything from a jumbo turbine assembly to a tiny centrifuge component—with near-perfect precision.


Volkswagen says China recovery accelerating

Auto giant Volkswagen said Friday its recovery in China was accelerating, but sounded a note of caution on geopolitical risks as concerns grow over German dependence on the Asian giant.


An automated system to clean restrooms in convenience stores

Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University have created a robotic system that could automate the cleaning of restrooms in convenience stores and other public spaces. This system, introduced in a paper published in Advanced ...

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