New tool automates the formal verification of systems software

Formal systems verification, which mathematically proves that code is secure in all circumstances, is a relatively new technology. Software is getting more complex and harder to get right using traditional software testing ...

Computer Sciences

Attribute augmentation-based label integration for crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing provides an effective and low-cost way to collect labels from crowd workers. Due to the lack of professional knowledge, the quality of crowdsourced labels is relatively low. A common approach to addressing this ...


Bankman-Fried faces prosecutors in US fraud trial

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, faced a tough cross-examination on Monday, with US prosecutors chipping away at his denials of committing massive fraud.


US auto strike nears end as union, GM reach tentative deal

A wave of strikes that disrupted the three largest US automakers for six weeks looked to have been finally resolved Monday, as the auto workers union reached a tentative agreement with holdout General Motors.

Machine learning & AI

Biden unveils AI order aiming to 'lead the way' on safety

President Joe Biden issued an executive order Monday on regulating artificial intelligence, aiming for the United States to "lead the way" in global efforts to manage the technology's risks.


Accelerating AI tasks while preserving data security

With the proliferation of computationally intensive machine-learning applications, such as chatbots that perform real-time language translation, device manufacturers often incorporate specialized hardware components to rapidly ...

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