'Cyberattack' knocks thousands offline in Europe

Thousands of internet users across Europe have been thrown offline after what sources said Friday was a likely cyberattack at the beginning of Russia's offensive in Ukraine.


Apple investors urge company to undergo civil rights audit

Apple's shareholders have approved a proposal urging the iPhone maker to undergo an independent audit assessing its treatment of female and minority employees, delivering a rare rebuke to a management team that runs the world's ...


Volkswagen plans 2 bn euro electric car plant in Germany

German auto giant Volkswagen said on Friday it had approved a 2 billion euro investment in a new electric car plant, as it seeks to overhaul its business in the face of stiff competition from US rival Tesla.

Machine learning & AI

Machine learning gets smarter to speed up drug discovery

Predicting molecular properties quickly and accurately is important to advancing scientific discovery and application in areas ranging from materials science to pharmaceuticals. Because experiments and simulations to explore ...

Consumer & Gadgets

Low-Power encrypted computing solutions

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart health devices, and pervasive smart sensors are becoming enmeshed in our daily lives, generating a flood of data that help keep us safe, healthy, and informed. As we see more sources of data, ...

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