A new light on arc-faults: Enhancing electrical fire safety

An arc-fault is an electrical discharge between two conductors due to poor contact. These discharges cause sparks that can reach temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Celsius, making them one of the major causes of electrical ...


Cost of direct air carbon capture to remain higher than hoped

Switzerland plans to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by no later than 2050. To achieve this, it will need to drastically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. In its climate strategy, the Swiss government acknowledges ...


EU's five biggest antitrust fines on big tech

The European Commission's powerful competition regulator on Monday slapped Apple with a 1.8-billion-euro ($1.9-billion) penalty, the third biggest antitrust fine by the European Union.

Machine learning & AI

ChatGPT-rival Anthropic releases more powerful AI

Anthropic, a major player in generative artificial intelligence, announced new models to fuel its Claude chatbot, the company said on Monday, as ChatGPT faces more rivals.

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