Machine learning & AI

Researchers surprised by gender stereotypes in ChatGPT

A DTU student has analyzed ChatGPT and revealed that the online service is extremely stereotypical when it comes to gender roles. The analysis is the first step toward providing AI developers with a tool for testing against ...


US imposes sanctions on spyware group members

US authorities announced sanctions Tuesday on parties associated with Intellexa Consortium, citing their role in making and distributing commercial spyware used to target US officials, journalists and others.


Meta suffers global Facebook, Instagram outage

Meta suffered a highly unusual outage of all its social media platforms on Tuesday with users of Facebook, Instagram and Threads locked out of their accounts.


Using generative AI to improve software testing

Generative AI is getting plenty of attention for its ability to create text and images. But those media represent only a fraction of the data that proliferate in our society today. Data are generated every time a patient ...

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