Bot can spot depressed Twitter users in 9 out of 10 cases

A newly developed algorithm can spot depression in Twitter users with 88.39% accuracy. Developed by researchers at Brunel University London and the University of Leicester, the algorithm determines someone's mental state ...


With a whiff, 'e-nose' can sense fine whiskey

Scotch or Irish, single malt or blended? While a whiskey enthusiast might be able to distinguish the good stuff from run-of-the-mill by smell alone, most tipplers rely on the label, black or otherwise.


Tesla: Will Big Auto eat pioneering electric car maker's lunch?

Eyeing Tesla's success, major automakers are hurling themselves into the electric vehicle market as governments set ambitious zero-emissions targets and drivers around the world look to go electric. While Elon Musks's pioneering ...


Affordable and productive electrolysis from a 3D printer

Stephane Weusten defended his Ph.D. on how to build an inexpensive and effective electrolyzer using a 3D printer. He easily adjusted geometrical parameters to improve the performance of the device. This accelerates research ...

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