Energy & Green Tech

Airbus bets on hydrogen to deliver zero-emission jets

There are plenty of obstacles standing in the way of developing the first zero-emission, hydrogen-powered plane. It's tricky to safely store and use the highly combustible fuel. There aren't any airports equipped to refuel ...

Machine learning & AI

Japan boosts AI funding to match lonely hearts

Japan is seeking to boost its flagging birthrate by funding the use of artificial intelligence to help match lonely hearts, an official said Monday.


Lufthansa ground staff agree deal to avoid layoffs

Ground crew at Germany's beleaguered airline giant Lufthansa have agreed to a 200-million-euro ($240 million) cut in personnel costs in exchange for avoiding forced redundancies until March 2022, trade union Verdi said Monday.

Computer Sciences

Better learning with shape-shifting objects

Have you ever seen a fancy ergonomic chair that seems to magically mold to a person's body? Such products got researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) thinking about other everyday objects ...

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