A system for designing and training intelligent soft robots

Let's say you wanted to build the world's best stair-climbing robot. You'd need to optimize for both the brain and the body, perhaps by giving the bot some high-tech legs and feet, coupled with a powerful algorithm to enable ...

Electronics & Semiconductors

Intel says plans to take car tech unit Mobileye public

Semiconductor giant Intel said it plans to list shares in its car technology arm Mobileye publicly in the United States in mid-2022, a move reports said could value the subsidiary at over 50 billion dollars.


American Airlines CEO to step down in March

Veteran American Airlines Chief Executive Doug Parker plans to step down in March and will be succeeded by his deputy, Robert Isom, the carrier announced Tuesday.

Computer Sciences

Technique enables real-time rendering of scenes in 3D

Humans are pretty good at looking at a single two-dimensional image and understanding the full three-dimensional scene that it captures. Artificial intelligence agents are not.

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