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Australia needs large-scale energy production—three reasons why offshore wind is a good fit

On the weekend, an area 20km off the Illawarra coast south of Sydney became Australia's fourth offshore wind energy zone. It's the most controversial zone to date, with consultation attracting a record 14,211 submissions—of ...

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Emotions may matter more than facts in shaping individual support for renewable energy, new study shows

It seems like energy policies are constantly making headlines these days. Should Canada "axe the tax?" Is it time to end the tax breaks to Canadian fossil fuel companies and invest in renewable energy? Are electric vehicles ...

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New strategy improves performance of spent high-voltage lithium cobalt oxide batteries

In a study published in Advanced Materials, a research team led by Prof. Zhang Yunxia from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed an integrated bulk and surface commodification ...

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New perovskite-based anode material achieves high efficiency at low and medium temperatures

Amidst the ongoing energy and climate crises, the stakes have never been higher. We are pressed for time to find better ways of producing clean energy to replace fossil fuels. Thus far, fuel cells appear to be one of the ...

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Bacterial batteries that harvest energy from soil

A U.K. university spin-out has developed a bacteria-powered battery that harvests energy from microorganisms in the soil to recharge itself, with a prototype already rolled out in Brazil.

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An energy bill boosting nuclear power heading to Biden's desk

Democrats and Republicans don't agree on much on Capitol Hill these days, but they just passed bipartisan legislation to promote the growth of future nuclear power plants—and President Joe Biden is expected to sign it into ...

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New process makes battery production more eco-friendly

Switching from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles is one way to reduce carbon emissions, but building the lithium-ion batteries that power those EVs can be an energy-intensive and polluting process itself. Now researchers ...

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Ivory Coast bets on solar in clean energy drive

The sun beats down from a cloudless sky on the town of Boundiali, where Ivory Coast's first solar power plant embodies the drive to embrace clean energy without abandoning fossil fuels.

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Solar investment outstrips all other power forms: IEA

More money is pouring into solar power than all other electricity sources combined, with investments set to reach half a trillion dollars this year, the world's top energy research body said Thursday.

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Chile's lithium dreams raise water concerns in the desert

As night falls in Chile's Atacama desert, the world's driest, a drilling machine extracts brine to measure levels of lithium—a crucial mineral for the global switch to cleaner energy, but harmful in its own way.

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Swiss renewable energy battle moves to the ballots

Switzerland's largest wind farm, sitting astride the ridge of the Jura mountains by the French border, consists of only 16 turbines -- tiny compared to those of other European countries.


Researchers debut novel manifold design theory

University of Illinois researcher Kyle Smith, along with doctoral students Md Habibur Rahman and Vu Do, master's student Colby Warden, and recent graduate Irwin Loud IV (MSME 2023), have published their new manifold design ...