Energy & Green Tech

Researchers move closer to green hydrogen via water electrolysis

Water electrolysis offers an ideal process for hydrogen production, which could play a key role in the global energy transition that increasingly relies on renewable electricity, but whose current production process is extremely ...


LG sees battery breakthrough by 2028 that has eluded Tesla

LG Energy Solution Ltd. is aiming to commercialize what's been described as a game-changing, battery-making technology by 2028, opening a path for the Korean cell manufacturer to become more competitive with Chinese rivals.


New carbon storage technology is fastest of its kind

A new way to store carbon captured from the atmosphere, developed by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, works much faster than current methods without the harmful chemical accelerants they require.

Energy & Green Tech

Using sodium to make more sustainable batteries

The element lithium is used widely in batteries because it results in long-lasting, stable energy storage. However, it's a finite resource, so researchers are hard at work trying to identify alternate materials to use in ...

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