Hardware news


Neural network training made easy with smart hardware

Large-scale neural network models form the basis of many AI-based technologies such as neuromorphic chips, which are inspired by the human brain. Training these networks can be tedious, time-consuming, and energy-inefficient ...


Compact and scalable multiple-input multiple-output systems for future 5G networks

A 28GHz time-division multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) receiver with eight radio frequency elements, each occupying just 0.1 mm2, has been developed by researchers at Tokyo Tech using 65nm CMOS technology. This innovative ...


Cutting-edge vision chip brings human eye-like perception to machines

With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, unmanned systems such as autonomous driving and embodied intelligence are continuously being promoted and applied in real-world scenarios, leading to a new wave of technological ...


What is the European sovereign cloud?

Billions of euros are flooding into the cloud industry in Europe, with US tech giants constructing vast data centers all around the continent.


AMD unveils new AI chips to challenge Nvidia

AMD on Monday announced its new artificial intelligence chips for everything from cutting-edge data centers to advanced laptops, ramping up its challenge to the runaway market leader Nvidia.


Foxconn eyes 40 percent global AI server market share

Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn said Friday its global market for artificial intelligence servers is expected to increase to 40 percent this year, with AI products being the main driver for growth.


A new lease on life for old laptops

Researchers in India have developed a tool that can estimate the remaining useful life of an otherwise obsolete laptop computer based on quality grading of two of its main components—hard drive and rechargeable lithium-ion ...


Flexible microspectrometer for mobile applications

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF have developed a very compact spectrometer module. It maps spectra from 39 optical fibers onto one camera sensor in a small space. This ...


A helmet with a vibration sensor for excavator drivers

Fraunhofer researchers have developed a helmet with an integrated acceleration sensor for drivers of construction vehicles. The helmet sensor measures harmful vibrations that affect the body. The software analyzes the sensor ...


Amazon bets $150 billion on data centers required for AI boom

Amazon.com Inc. plans to spend almost $150 billion in the coming 15 years on data centers, giving the cloud-computing giant the firepower to handle an expected explosion in demand for artificial intelligence applications ...


Nvidia unveils higher performing 'superchips'

Nvidia on Monday unveiled its latest family of chips for powering artificial intelligence, as it seeks to consolidate its position as the major supplier to the AI frenzy.

Consumer & Gadgets

What we know so far about the rumored Apple smart ring

Samsung officially announced the launch of a new smart ring-shaped wearable device, Galaxy Ring, as part of its Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this year. The ring, expected to be on sale in late summer 2024, will be able to ...


Tailoring a comfort-fit police jacket

In collaborative work between police organizations and experts in ergonomics and biomechanics, a new equipment vest has been developed to address the issue of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly lower back pain, among ...