Significance, established in 2004, is a magazine published bimonthly by both the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. The major part of the content consists of articles on topics of statistical interest presented at a level suited to a general audience. It is not a research journal and articles are not peer reviewed. The founding editor was Helen Joyce, now at The Economist, and Frank Duckworth also served on its Editorial Board. The current editor is Julian Champkin. It replaced the Royal Statistical Society's journal, Series D 'The Statistician'. As well as ordinary articles in the magazine, additional "virtual issues" (collections of articles on a particular subject area) are made available online. The magazine's website was launched the same day as World Statistics Day in 2010 and includes news, videos and book reviews. Members of both the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association receive Significance. It is also available by subscription in print, online and on iPad. The frequency of publication will increase to 8 issues per year by 2013 having originally been quarterly and transitioning to bimonthly in 2012.

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