Intel launches Core M family, targets 2-in-1 devices

Intel launches Core M family, targets 2-in-1 devices
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Intel on Friday introduced its first three Core M processors. The commercial availability of Core M is big news for several reasons. Performance and battery life are its key strengths. What's more, this is the processor targeted for razor-thin, fanless designs—especially for powering up the newer two-in-one machines from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba—all of which will introduce the Core M processor, with some systems becoming available starting next month."The energy-efficient fifth-generation Core chips will enable fanless laptops that can be converted into tablets, and a handful of them are on the way," said CNET's Stephen Shankland on Friday. PCWorld explained that this positioning as regarding convertible two-in-ones that flip the screen back 180 degrees like the Lenovo Yoga; and at detachable two-in-ones, where the tablet portion undocks. The Core M is promoted as the most energy-efficient Core processor in the company's history, "at a power-sipping 4.5 watts," said Intel. The Core M processor package at 4.5 watts has 60 percent lower thermal power than the previous generation.

Digital Trends made note of the size difference. "The size of the hardware has decreased significantly too. The new Core M parts measure 30 x 16.5 x 1.05 millimeters thick. By comparison, fourth-generation Intel Core chips measure 40 x 24 x 1.5 millimeters."

The story tops previous attempts to stand out in battery improvements "The Intel Core M processor and platform power reductions raise the bar on battery life even higher," said the company. The Intel Core M processor can handle more than eight hours of video play, a 20 percent (1.7 hours) longer battery life compared with the previous-generation Intel Core processor and double the battery life of the average four-year-old PC.

The Intel Core M processor is available in the following versions: the up to 2.0 GHz Intel Core M-5Y10/5Y10a processors and the up to 2.6 GHz Intel Core M-5Y70 processor.

Consider the Core M as the first of a "new product family," said Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president at Intel. He said it was designed to deliver the promise of one of the world's thinnest laptops and highest performance tablets in a single two-in-one device. The processor package is to allow OEMs to design sleek, fanless systems less than 9 mm thin. Intel said there are already more than 20 Intel Core M processor-based OEM products in the development pipeline. The first systems based on the Intel Core M will be on shelves for the holiday selling season.

Mark Hachman, senior editor at PCWorld, commented that Intel wants to impart the message of "dramatically increased performance, in a small, power-conscious envelope." Hachman said there was good reason to believe "the next generation of PCs will be smaller, faster, and more efficient as a result."

An additional note about the Intel Core M is what Intel called a "conflict-free" product, made without the minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and/or gold) that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries.

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