GoGlove wearable aims to control life's soundtracks

GoGlove wearable aims to control life's soundtracks

Technology creatives are seeing the key attraction in wearables as being in solutions that save the user from fumbling around with the phone to make app adjustments or changes, or from repeatedly taking it and replacing it in one's pocket. GoGlove is presented as a Bluetooth glove, with connectivity to iOS and Android, using technology where you get to control music apps—change tracks, play/pause, camera, and GoPro—straight from this wearable. The music functions are listed as Play/Pause, Skip/Back Track, Volume Up/Down.

"GoGlove is making it easier to control your mobile device through no-touch technology, wirelessly," they said. What's more, for hot climates or seasons where would be uncomfortable, the device has a removable module for standalone use; the control module can be unplugged and strapped to bike, wrist, or keychain. Five buttons on the top are activated when detached from the glove. They said the GoGlove remote can be removed from a zipper pouch in the wrist of the glove. This change in turn provides the user with a standalone phone remote.

On the reverse, on frigid days, you can wear GoGlove underneath an outer glove without losing functionality. It can be hand-washed with the module removed. Minus the module, they said, the glove can be submerged, cleaned with mild soap, air-dried, and perform as expected. The battery lasts for up to six months of daily use. The battery is a small coin cell that can be removed and changed. "We have tested the system to take thousands of inputs and determined it could be used under normal circumstances for 180 days straight," they said.

GoGlove wearable aims to control life's soundtracks

How it works: with sensors in the fingertips and magnet in the thumb, the Bluetooth module connects to the smartphone. A free app provides the user with functions for interaction. You tap your thumb to a finger to control. They tested GoGlove in different environments and have turned to Kickstarter to move forward. The team said the funding will allow them to go into full production, using support to help them meet their goals including tooling costs. Moving forward, they also intend to release a publicly available API for GoGlove. They said developers will be able to use GoGlove functions and integrate it into their apps. They said the API will be available in May. "For the hackers and makers out there, we will be following up this campaign with an open source hardware and software version of the development board."

As for pricing, the pledge price at $99 has an estimated delivery date of June.

GoGlove wearable aims to control life's soundtracks

More information:www.kickstarter.com/projects/2 … dtrack-control-yours


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