Intel seeks to make migrations to Chromebook easy

Intel seeks to make migrations to Chromebook easy

Intel is making it easy to do transfers to an Intel-based Chromebook, as easy as a one-click migration from old devices to your new Chromebook.

If the user is not sure if the Chromebook is Intel-based, Intel is presenting a Chrome extension for download, which checks to see if your Chromebook has Intel.

The app is Intel Easy Migration, and first-time Chromebook users can make use of this app for data and files—such as contacts, documents, , videos and audio files. Intel Easy Migration has been made available for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, for PCs and smartphone over to the Chromebook. A

lso, one can hand-pick files selected for a custom migration. For a one-click transfer, try Quick Migration. To hand-pick , choose the Custom Migration setting. Chromebooks are cloud-based devices; scenarios would include migrating local contacts to Google Contacts, photos and videos to Google+ Photos (If your video file is larger than 1GB, it will be migrated to Google drive).

You could do the migration in several sittings; you could pause and resume. The folder structure in your device will not be maintained in Chromebooks. Your data will be saved to a folder called 'Easy Migration DD-MM-YEAR HH:MM:SS'

As for a secure migration, Intel said that the data migration takes place over a secure (HTTPS) channel.

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