Mobile devices contributing to increased time spent watching video


Market research company eMarketer has released a report detailing its findings regarding how much time adult Americans spend watching video, and on what sorts of devices. They have found that as Americans have grown more attached to their mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) they have increased the amount of time they spend watching video—it is now up to five and a half hours each and every day—and the reason for the increase is being attributed to our love affair with our mobile gadgets. Back in 2011, they note, adults in the U.S. spent just twenty one minutes watching video on a mobile device, this year, they project that number will jump to an hour and sixteen minutes.

The amount of time adults spend watching video on a (which includes programming), is dropping, the researchers note, though not as much as some might have guessed—it is predicted to drop to four hours and fifteen minutes this year, down from four hours thirty five minutes back in 2011. They also note that the increase in viewing time on digital devices does not include the PC, viewership on them has been holding steady. The amount of time adults will spend watching some form of video on any one of their mobile devices is projected to jump by approximately thirty minutes this year.

The researchers also note that despite the increased viewing time spent on mobile devices, advertisers are still hesitant to put their dollars into online applications. This year, they predict that advertisers will put just over forty percent of all advertising dollars into television ads, but just over four and half percent on video ads. Advertisers are not yet convinced that mobile viewers watch such ads, they suggest, or watch them to completion. They also predict that overall, adults in the U.S. will spend a little over twelve hours a day this year engaged with major media (doing stuff online or watching ), an increase of seven minutes over last year and a full hour over 2011. Last year also marked the first time that users spent more time on , than they did on PCs, and that change is expected to be even more pronounced this year.

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