Forget your keys if you have your finger on new lock solution

Forget your keys if you have your finger on new lock solution

Fumbling with keys, losing them, calling locksmiths or friends for help…no thanks for the memories.

Here comes David Tao, CEO of Pishon Labs, with an idea, prototypes, and campaign launch to serve up a better solution.

He thinks it is high time to have a padlock for the modern age and he and his team are introducing two smart padlocks, TappLock and TappLock Lite. The key pitch: nothing to remember and nothing to lose

The idea is using your finger as your key. The technology involves a .

This encrypted fingerprint sensor, said the company, has "close to zero false recognition rate." The two models, TappLock and TappLock Lite, use the FPC 1020 encrypted fingerprint sensor from Sweden Fingerprint Cards.

The Toronto-based team had rain and snow in mind in designing their product; TappLock is water resistant. It has a which can last up to three years on one charge. TappLock Lite has a replaceable battery that can last up to six months.

Jared DiPane in Android Central "also talked about the two models and their difference. "The difference is that the Lite does not double as a phone charger and comes in fewer color choices." (The TappLock can double as a phone-charger.)

But wait. What about the times when you need to share access, as in giving a roommate or family member a duplicate key? That is when you can get support of a TappLock app, compatible with any three systems, iOS, Windows and Android. "Currently, our Tapp prototype works only on the Android OS," they said. "However, we will have iOS and Windows app when the product is shipped."

As for hardware security, a built-in alarm will activate if the lock is touched by anyone not authorized to open it. The team also covered a presently popular technique for picking locks, shimming. The latter is all about "violating a lock by inserting a foreign object into the latch mechanism. TappLock's small-profile latch is designed to eliminate any targets for a shim tool to hit."

In granting others to access your lock, up to 100 fingerprints can be stored. Duration and time of access can be customized. Revoking access can be done with a tap.

The TappLock measures 84.5 x 55 x 30 mm.

The team has turned to Indiegogo to help bring the product out. "We have fully functional prototypes for both the TappLock and TappLock Lite," they said. "Now, we need $40,000 to get the production going and quality assurance. Your money would primarily go to building moulds, quality assurance, software improvements and assembling the electronics and mechanical parts."

Once the early-bird perks are gone, a regular TappLock will cost $66, and TappLock Lite will cost $46.

They are offering the latter Lite model at a special earlybird price of $29 with estimated delivery in September. TappLock carries an earlybird price of $49 with September too as estimated delivery time.

More information: … ingerprint-padlock#/

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