Screens change video characters into holograms in your home

Screens change video characters into holograms in your home

(Tech Xplore)—Are we looking at the future of at-home entertainment? A crowdfunding campaign hopes to get viewers enthused over their HoloVit holography set which is appearing on Indiegogo. HoloVit is seeking funds for its personal holography sets.

Three types of screens change videos to floating holograms. The team also developed a holographic video game, Hologram Battle.

The system can be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV screens.

Video samples indicate the novel entertainment pleasures of seeing tiny figures appearing in this manner, from teen dancers to a runway model, cartoon characters, whatever.

To get started, you align your home device with their holography screens and click play.

For example, you would place your tablet or smartphone on a stand facing the HoloVit screen. Turn on your tablet or smartphone and go to the video link you want to watch. Adjust your setting to Full Screen and close all the advertisements. The same process for laptops would suffice.

Where it also gets to be fun is if you record your own holograms. In other words, you can transform yourself into a little creature as hologram. This is done via the company's "Hologram Recording Set."

The creator of HoloVit Holography Systems has studied holography systems with several physics professors since 2002. Jeff Deleon developed his first system in 2006 and, by 2015, made his in-home holographic entertainment system

Stanley Goodner in New Atlas commented on this: "In a sense, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV becomes the projector as it faces a HoloVit screen. When set at the optimal distance (for best results), images and video come to life, even in brightly-lit rooms – a challenge common to many projectors. One caveat is that only content that has been formatted as a hologram will work."

Another point that Goodner raises is this: "Holographic images displayed on HoloVit screens aren't true 3D (i.e., 360-degree) and can only be viewed on the side receiving the reflections. But with dim lighting, these vertical see-through screens practically disappear to leave full-color visions floating in air."

So what is really happening here with this tech? Brittany Roston in SlashGear shared this explanation. "The HoloVit is a clear screen of some sort that works with your existing tablet, phone, or other display-centric device. Videos recorded with a black background show only the video's subject on the clear screen, making it appear as if a small is hanging out on your table or desk."

The team's goal in this funding campaign is $18,000 with a month left to go.

Pledge pricing for the screens ranges from $79 to $109 to $219 depending on the size of the screen. The estimated delivery is September. Pledge levels include the Hologram Battle mobile app game as well as links to videos that can be viewed as holograms.

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