Misfit to run with analog swag in upcoming Phase

Misfit to run with analog swag in upcoming Phase

(Tech Xplore)—What, me wear a teensy phone on my wrist? A screaming touchscreen fitness band on my wrist?

Nope and nope. Those are the kinds of denials that worry investors and vendors hoping to see a rise in smartwatch adoption.

Misfit might make a point in their move to introduce a new product, as a hybrid wrist wearable, showing up with a traditional looking watch but with additional features and functions.

Misfit is announcing a new watch called the Phase, expected next month.

Returning to that concept of hybrid: Ars Technica described the Phase's central characteristic. "The watch itself is analog but it uses the hands, a small colored window near six o'clock, and vibrations to deliver notifications to your wrist."

TrustedReviews similarly said, "it first and foremost resembles a standard watch, which is great for anyone who favours a more discreet design. Not everyone wants to have a clear piece of technology on their wrist after all."

Owners can expect a six-month battery life. That is, according to the company site, the Phase lasts up to six months with no charging required. The site noted a replaceable CR2430 coin cell battery. The watch is showerproof and swimproof, the site added.

Misfit to run with analog swag in upcoming Phase

So what are its smarter features? The $175 Phase behaves as a fitness tracker, for steps, for distance and for sleep patterns. It uses a 3-axis accelerometer.

It also shows notifications. Disc at bottom turns a different color to tell you if you have new message, said Alphr. Want to know who is calling? A number on the watch face can be allocated a person's phone number. When the person rings, the clock hands point to that number.

The site said it is Bluetooth-enabled to sync with your smartphone to deliver call, text, alarm notifications, and get custom settings via the Misfit app. The site gives some details about operating systems and key features.

Alan Martin on Tuesday in Alphr said there is more, as "you'll be able to control your music remotely, take photos with your phone or advance slides in a presentation, all with a touch of the , suggesting this is more than just a pedometer with a clock."

Ars Technica on Tuesday said the Phase has an aluminum and stainless steel case. It comes with either silicone or leather bands. Getting into the design, the article described the "small metallic accents in the watch hands, numbers, and a thin ring around the face itself."

More information: misfit.com/products/misfit-phase/

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